Deadend Magazine Weekend Report (Part 1 of 2) - 08/22/16

We started our weekend early Friday afternoon delivering 205 backpacks to Sherwood Elementary School in East Salinas that we collected at our Deadend Magazine Backpack Drive. It was an amazing experience to cruise into the elementary school we attended and give back to our community. The kids smiles when they saw the cars and picked a backpack was very inspiring. Many thanks to everyone who donated a backpack and to the fellas that cruised with us to deliver the backpacks.  

Knowing there would be a lot of cool cars in and around Monterey for Concours D'Elegance and 'Monterey Car Week' we decided to meet up with a few homies to cruise from Salinas, CA to Monterey, CA Friday evening. We need to host more of these small cruises, it was a lot of fun.

We have more photos from Saturday and Sunday we'll post tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!