Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 10/17/16

Doesn't happen to often but it does happen... Every once in a while we go to an event and instead of taking pictures like we should we hang out with old friends and enjoy the day and snap less than a handful of shots. That's exactly what happened this past Saturday at The Race of Gentlemen. We had a great time just hanging out. We will have photos to share with you soon (luckily we had many friends present shooting), in the meantime here are some shots from Three River in Japan. As you can see our Deadend Magazine Japan crew didn't slack off, they actually worked. Enjoy..

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - Burrito Bike Ride 7

Another Burrito Bike Ride in the books! Thanks again to everyone who pedaled the streets of Salinas, CA with us. We had over 250 riders and gave out 290 burritos! Here are a few shots we captured..

The beach cruiser we raffled off donated by The Cruiser Shop (Campbell, CA)

The beach cruiser we raffled off donated by The Cruiser Shop (Campbell, CA)

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Burrito Bike Ride 10/09/16

This Sunday we host the 7th Burrito Bike Ride!

We will meet up Sunday October 9, 2016 at 12pm at the Deadend Store (16 Midtown Ln. Salinas, CA) We will ride a few miles and meet back at the Deadend Store for some burritos & a raffle.

We encourage all riders to be safe, follow all laws, be courteous, stay to the right, and make sure your kids are wearing helmets. Thanks!

Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 10/03/16

We went to the Marina Swapmeet Saturday morning. The Marina Swapmeet happens 2 times a year and it is always fun to walk the aisles and bump into many local friends. This past Saturday was no different. We only picked up a few small parts for the wagon, but had fun catching up with friends. Here are a few shots we snapped.

Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 09/26/16

We've been blogging (on the new and improved site) for a year now! Thanks to all those that continue to visit our site.

This weekend we headed to Bradley, CA with Greg Lazzerini for Jimmy Rader's Hot Rod Social. It was a hot but fun day. Here are a few of the shots we captured.

The Deadend Japan crew headed to the La Bomba Toy Drive.

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 09/19/16

This weekend we were set up at the 20th annual Billetproof in Antioch, CA. It's always impressive to see the amount of cars that continue to show up at Billetproof. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth!

Meanwhile in Japan Toshi (Deadend Magazine Japan) attended the Nagoya Sunset Cruise.

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 09-12-16

Another fun & busy weekend in the books. We started out Saturday morning at the Vintage Alley car show in Hayward, CA. Just like years past there were a lot of nice bombs out.

Saturday evening we headed to the Niles Cruise Night. Always a good time.

Sunday we headed to Willow Glen to Rompacoglioni's Cruise for a Cause. Where we set up a booth. Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Classic cars of all shapes and sizes took over Willow Glen.

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report 2 of 2 - 09-07-16

Sunday we headed to Burbank, CA to shoot Chase's beautiful '60 Oldsmobile. As you can see the Olds has a lot of neat subtle custom touches.

Meanwhile our Japanese counterparts were attending  the Lake Side Kruise 'Wagon & Delivery Day.' As you can see there were quite a few nice wagons in attendance.

Deadend Magazine Weekend Report Part 1 of 2 - 09-06-16

Hope ya'll had a great Labor Day weekend. I know we did. We started our weekend like we have the last 10+ years, in Ventura, CA for the Ventura Nationals. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth. The wind blew our booth around pretty good but we still had a great time. As you can see below there were plenty of nice cars in attendance.

After the Ventura Nationals and a good meal we headed south to catch some cruising on Whittier Blvd. The boulevard was packed with Low Riders and Customs. It took us over an hour to cruise a few blocks. Good times! 

We will upload more photos tomorrow.

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