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Local newspaper "Monterey County Weekly" released an article about Deadend Magazine today.

"The brothers’ car fixation became dedication after their father fell ill and passed away in 2004. In his passing they found both inspiration to seize their dream – and their own destiny – while honoring his longtime hobby."

Thanks to Ivan & Mark for taking the time to hear our story. (Click on the image to read the full article)

Click on the image to read the full article.

Click on the image to read the full article.

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 01/17/17 (2 of 2)

Sunday morning we headed to the first Pomona Swapmeet of the year. As you can see the turn out was amazing. 

After a few hours at the swapmeet we shot Memo Ortega's custom Chevy "Vandolero." More info on Memo Chop and his legacy to come.

Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 01/16/17 (1 of 2)

The rain kept us from doing much last weekend so we made up for it this weekend. 

We started out the weekend shooting Ella at RenoBilt's shop in Madera, CA with Reno's cool custom Ford pick-up.

Our second stop was in Chula Vista, CA to shoot Melin's 36 Chevy. We've been wanting to shoot this bomb since we first laid eyes on it a few years ago. Glad we finally caught up with Melin and his beautiful bomb.

Then we headed a few miles north to San Diego, CA to shoot Jess at The Lower Left (aka Tribal Gear headquarters) with Bobby's 59 Impala.

Sunday we headed to Pomona, CA for the Pomona Swapmeet & a photo shoot.

Come back tomorrow for the photos!

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - First weekend of 2017 (2 of 2)

Deadend Magazine Japan also rang in the new with some cruising. Toshi and the crew attended the Kustom City New Year's Cruise in Nagoya Japan. 

We also stopped by Connected Car Club's New Year's car show in Oxnard, CA. As you can see many low riders from Southern California & beyond showed up. 

We ended the first day of 2017 with a trip to Crenshaw Blvd. 'The Shaw' is quite the experience. If you've never been it's hard to explain. A lot of fun to be out on the streets.

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - First weekend of 2017 (1 of 2)

Just when we thought JV's Shindig was the last event we would attend we decided last minute to go check out some cruising on Hollywood Blvd. Good thing we did it was very cool to see real riders in the pouring rain.


Our first stop in 2017 was Elysian Park in Los Angeles, CA. The weather was perfect for cars to be cruising the park all day long. 

Our second stop was Montebello Park on Whittier Blvd.

We'll post more shots from Oxnard, CA, Japan & Crenshaw tomorrow.

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 12/19/16

This weekend we co-hosted the annual JV's Garage Shindig in Chula Vista, CA. Joe from JV's Garage has become family and we always enjoy co-hosting the event. Some of the coolest cars from the San Diego & Los Angeles area come out to enjoy what is usually our last automotive event of the year. If you've never been you should put it on your to-do list next year. Here are some photos we captured. Enjoy..

After the Shindig we headed to East Los Angeles for the Whittier Blvd cruise night. Whittier Blvd is always a good time.

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Deadend Magazine Weekend Report - 12/12/16

We headed to Southern California this past weekend to attend the Mooneyes X-Mas Party in Irwindale, CA. The Irwindale Speedway parking lot is always filled to the brim with all kinds of cars. To many the X-Mas party marks the last car event of the year (not to us, we're not done yet) so it's good to talk to friends right before the holidays & end of the year. Here are a few shots we captured.

On the way back North we stopped by Chopperfest in Ventura, CA. 

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Merc 9 & Aieko in Japan

While we were in Japan for the 25th annual Hot Rod Custom Show we were able to set up a shoot with the 'Merc 9' custom Mercury with our good friend Aieko Espejo. When Isamu Kondo (owner/builder) was designing his show-stopping 'Merc 9' custom he wanted to make sure it wasn't just for show. The Mercury was built to enjoy on the streets. In his own words, "It's nothing if you don't play with it even though it is a show car." We strongly agree!
The unique paint scheme is quick to stand out. You don't see very many Mercury customs with paint jobs like this. Matt, from Cal Trend, helped Isamu achieve his design. As you can see from the photos the paint job isn't the only thing unique about Isamu's creation. He put a lot of time and effort into building this one of a kind custom. Thanks for letting us shoot your car Isamu!

Isamu was excited to show us his flame throwers since it is prohibited in both the streets and shows in Japan.

Isamu was excited to show us his flame throwers since it is prohibited in both the streets and shows in Japan.